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Avengers Blend

One-Stop Shopping for all Your Avengers Needs

One-Stop Shopping for all Your Avengers Needs
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Fanworks and Discussion for Marvel's The Avengers - movies and comics
Like one or all of the Avengers movies (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, the upcoming Avengers movie)? How about the comics? Then this place is for you.

Feel free to discuss or post your fanworks (fanfiction, fanart, icons, fanvids, or fanmixes) based on this world. Both comics canon and movie canon are welcome. You can even write crossovers or throw in original characters. Het, slash, femmeslash, or gen are all welcome!

And not just fanworks - reaction posts, memes, discussion, general squee. All are welcome and encouraged!

Our number one rule is respect each other. If you don't like something posted, scroll past it. Don't waste your time flaming someone. We won't tolerate it.

So, settle in and be creative. We look forward to seeing it all.

Please check out our friending meme, and you can find our sister community here on Dreamwidth.

If you'd like to advertise on the community, please ask one of the mods first. Normally, there isn't a problem, but we would like a heads up. Thanks.

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